HI - Jordan here! I’m your super-spicy, super-relatable event planner and social media connoisseur here at Bella Terre Reception Hall + Vineyard. While you’re reading through our blogs created entirely for you, we want you to have a thorough understanding of the writers behind the screen. So, let’s talk about me.

You’re looking at a spunky, outgoing, borderline-obnoxious adult with passions that entail; dancing, eating, traveling, planning and just about everything in between. It has been twenty-two years since exiting my mother’s womb and I have been thoroughly enjoying life ever since. Born in Pennsylvania, moved to California, then back to Pennsylvania, until moving to Omaha, Nebraska in high school. Not an army brat, just the offspring of two incredibly indecisive parents. I am the middle child of five (send your condolences to my mother), not including our family dog, Emma Grace. Yes, she has a middle name. Her bed is cuter than mine. Moving on.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (always go Mavs) with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in event planning and public relations. Yes, I majored in talking - are you honestly surprised? During my time in college, I was actively involved in Student Government, Dance Marathon, and Maverick Productions - the event coordinating organization on campus, and ultimately ran the organization my fourth and final year of college. We planned the spring concert with Logic as the headliner and xxx students in attendance. I got an unflattering selfie with him. Not a big deal.                           

I have been working as a full-time event coordinator with Bella Terre since September, so I am still learning the ins an outs of this gorgeous venue. But, don’t worry! I have enough prior experience with event planning that I am able to keep up with the other phenomenal coordinators that have been with Bella Terre for years.

When I am not working on your weddings, I travel as much as I possibly -and financially- can. Typically within the states, but my goal is to go to Greece and/or  Germany within the next 365 days. Reason being that I am 70% German (Ancestry.com, fact-check?) and that I am always down for a plate of chicken shawarma and hummus. A couple of my favorite cities to travel to are Chicago, Memphis, LA, and just about anywhere in the northeastern quadrant of the country.                               

But enough about me - I want to hear about YOU. Tell me about yourself and what you envision for your dream wedding day. I look forward to it, but until then, have fun skimming through blogs that the Bella gals made exclusively for you!