September 11th      October 2nd


($4 cover, kids under 12 yrs. are free!)

Come join us for our 2nd Annual Under the Tuscan Sundays Italian series! There will be live music, wine tastings, delicious summer fare that will pair perfectly with your vino, our homemade Italian lemonade, and craft beer from Keg Creek Brewery.  

This year we will be offering a passport to everyone who travels out to Tuscan Sundays. At each Sunday event we will be stamping your passport with a themed stamp for that weekend. Whoever attends four out of the five Sundays will receive a prize that will be displayed at each event. 

"Bella Terre means beautiful lands. Given the names so as to represent the joining of two lands; the rolling hills of Tuscany with the sloping terrains of Iowa. Our wine brings these unique lands closer with each bouquet of flavors taking you somewhere new with every sip. We want you to truly experience Italia without ever leaving home. Giving truth to the statement; you can see Italy from here."

Suolo (dry red)

Suolo is Italian for soil. By combining the flavors of the Loess Hills and of Tuscany, Bella Terre produces a perfect bouquet from these two soils that blend together in a perfect union. The fruits of these two lands mingle together to create a medium red with invitations of Cabernet creating a wine only to be regarded as bellisimo!

Baciami (Sweet red)

This sweet red lingers on your lips like that of a kiss. A rosy bouquet with the ruby red color we love to associate with love. The name reflects the wine in perfect fashion. We long for romance and the delight of a kiss and in the same way we long for that sip of wine that emanates those feelings; delight and romance. 

Fiore (sweet white)

The notes of a flower can bring an air of sweetness to anyone. By sipping this fruitful white, the petals of floral scent dips itself onto your tongue; leading you deeper into the garden of flavor. Each aspect of the wine releases new flavors that allow you to taste the bouquet that encompasses every sip.

Tesoro (dry white)

With a sip of tesoro, your taste buds can easily detect the treasure that is this blend. The tartness that engulfs your lips will be greeted by the sweet release of fruit tones as you continue with each sip, leading you down the perfect path of flavor.


Homemade Italian Margarita

brindisi di Italia (toast of Italy)

Craft beer from keg creek brewery

Keg Creek Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in Glenwood, IA.  We are a small brewery with a home-town feel.  Our history as home brewers has not been forgotten and we pride ourselves on an open and comfortable environment that enhances craft beer education, enjoyment, and experimentation – No matter what your experience level.   We have a tasting room where we offer all of our beers and an occasional guest beer, as we believe that craft beer should be shared and enjoyed, even if not made by us.  We promote craft beer education through discussion and tours, welcoming free thought and conversation.  We are a little upscale with a bit of down-home. 

Each weekend will also offer a raffle for a limited edition Scanlan Windows to the World show piece. Raffle tickets will cost $10-$15 a piece for a $900 + valued image! (We will also have Scanlan Windows to the World prints available for sale...the images that inspired the making of Bella Terre).

"If music be the food of love, play on"


September 11th: 

“Sailing in Soup”  (5 piece)

Rock, Blues, Soul, Jam Band


October 2nd:

“The Full Circle Band”  (3 or 4 piece)

Rock, country, bluegrass


"If food is the body of good living, then wine is it's soul"


Bellavitano raspberry cheese, Bellavitano merlot cheese, aged gouda, grapes, crackers, assorted olives, Prosciutto Americano, Roasted Pork Porchetta, Dried Italain Salami, garnished with homegrown thyme, basil, and rosemary

Prairie Fire Pizza 

With our authentic imported Italian wood-fired brick oven, we come to your venue, back up the trailer, fire-up our oven and start making pizzas.
This isn’t take-out or delivery pizza, we use, fresh ingredients and an oven temperatures of 850 degrees cooking each pizza in about 2 minutes. These things combine to create the most delicious pizza you'll ever experience.