John and Debora Scanlan have a pretty unique story when it comes to photography. That story begins with zero photography classes and a lot of research., patience, and tenacity. They began in their basement which is how all great startups begin; a garage, a basement or a spare room. Both working separate jobs, they immersed themselves in the world of photography. John was active both inside and outside of his daily job by working for nature photographer, Tom Mangelsen as well as doing small art shows on the weekends. Realizing that this side job could become something bigger, John and Deb took a substantial leap of faith and quit their jobs to pursue this newfound passion and the rest is history. In the past the Scanlan's have had a presence in Carmel, California, Park City, Utah and at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas; all of which led back to his home studio in Glenwood, IA.

John has also recently been given the recognition of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographer's Association (PPA) and their photographs live in thousands of homes across the nation giving thousands a window to the world.


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